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 Hi, we're Cheryl and Mark.  We had the good fortune of meeting Annette and Jason about four and a half years ago when we relocated from Pennsylvania to to Arizona, and we are just fortunate to come into contact with them. They'd done a great job for some other friends of ours at the company that I worked for, and so they came as a nice warm referral to us.

And Cheryl was actually the first one to have an interaction with them. So the beginning of our relationship started when Annette was in an airport and took the time to talk to me.  I was very impressed with her fitting me in, even in her busy travel schedule.  She wanted to know exactly what was important to us in finding a house out here in Arizona, what our top priorities were, our must haves, our everything that was important to us in making the home out here, the home we wanted it to be.

I think what really stood out about them was,  They were personable enough to become friends with and trust, but professional enough to give us really good sound advice.  Separate the emotions out of an experience of buying or selling real estate. And they've, we've worked with them now four times in buying and selling real estate in Arizona and it's just been a phenomenal experience. Their knowledge. Our personal home and our circumstances and our timelines, but also their general knowledge of the real estate trends across areas really helped us to make an informed decision. So if you're looking for someone that's super relatable, super professional, and you can trust with your real estate needs, we would definitely recommend Annette and Jason.

Video Transcript

 Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm a client of Annette and Jason Holmes. I came into contact with Annette and Jason after informing my, my agent back in California that we wanted to put the house up on for sale and moved to Arizona. So he says, well, give me a minute and I'm gonna find you somebody really great.

And he came through for us. He found us, Annette and Jason. We met Jason. We came out for four days and we met Jason for two days. He showed us quite a few homes, and I have to say he is just so knowledgeable. He pointed out things good and bad that we wouldn't have, we wouldn't have even noticed.

Finally decided on this home, and when we were leaving California, we had an absolutely disastrous. Our movers turned out to be not professional movers. So it was a very, very, very stressful time for us. We had to leave about half of everything. We owned the home behind Annette and Jason. I, I can't even explain how helpful they were, um, getting us through it, giving us solutions, um, options on what we could do.

Um, and not only that, we ended up breaking down in Blythe, California 117 degrees with two. And carriers a dog and a bird, and we did not know what we were gonna do. One thing that really stood out to me that I thought shows how much they are willing to go above and beyond to help their clients. Blyth is about three hours from here.

Uh, so a six hour round trip and Jason offered to drive up and, and get our pets and bring 'em here and take care of 'em until we could get here. And I thought that was just, you know, really over the top. Shows, you know, how caring they are and how much they're willing to, to, uh, do for their clients. To anyone who is looking to move to the Phoenix area, I highly recommend Annette. And Jason. I am positive that they will treat you right. I know they did to us.

what our clients say

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We truly strive for our clients satisfaction! With over 20 years combined experience, The Holmes Team will work tirelessly to successfully achieve all of your real estate transaction needs.

5 out of 5 stars on Zillow!

Very knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. Fast and efficient.Anytime we had a question, she responded quickly. She was amazing and also helped us find a great lender.

Annette Holmes was amazing to work with. Found us the home of our dreams and closed the deal even in a fast-paced market. Would recommend her and Jason for all of your real estate needs. Not only are they knowledgeable in all aspects but they’re down-to-earth good people....a true pleasure


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