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Buying With The
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Why You Should Buy With The Holmes Team

Buying With The Homes Team

Video Transcript

 Hi, Jason Holmes here with the Holmes Team Real Estate agent with my wife Annette here in the Phoenix area, and I get asked this question all the time, why should I buy with you guys? My answer is pretty much always the same. Number one, you're getting two agents for the price of one. You're getting a team, and then that doesn't even include our colleagues that help us out when we need, but more importantly, there's a ton of good agents out.

But I think one thing that sets me and Annette apart and what we do is, besides just our wealth of knowledge and our past experience and our past careers and, and law and teaching and finance, we were dedicated buyers agents for many years on a team ourselves. We worked with a ton of buyers, and then even more so.

When I do the vast majority of the showings, I handle the vast majority of our buyers. When I walk into a house with my buyers, while they're looking at all the pretty stuff, you know, seeing if it's the right floor plans, is the space work for them, I'm trying to find what are the things that are potential red flags or issues with this home that I need to make sure I bring them back down to kind of back down to reality.

Thinking more clearly, especially on like renovated homes. There's so many bad flips out there and that sort of thing, and take that task to heart. I want to make sure that I do everything I can so that at the end of the day our clients are in the right home. We want nothing more than to bring you guys onto the team with us.

So we'd love to team up together with you, bring you onto our team, get to work, and find you the right home.

what our clients say

Clients Love The Holmes Team

We truly strive for our clients satisfaction! With over 20 years combined experience, The Holmes Team will work tirelessly to successfully achieve all of your real estate transaction needs.

5 out of 5 stars on Zillow!

Very knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. Fast and efficient.Anytime we had a question, she responded quickly. She was amazing and also helped us find a great lender.

Annette Holmes was amazing to work with. Found us the home of our dreams and closed the deal even in a fast-paced market. Would recommend her and Jason for all of your real estate needs. Not only are they knowledgeable in all aspects but they’re down-to-earth good people....a true pleasure


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