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September 2022

Why Families are Relocating to Phoenix

Over the past half decade, families have been moving from other states to Phoenix, AZ, at a shocking rate. Learn why in this blog.

The lingering effects of the pandemic have trickled into every facet of life. Nearly two years post-pandemic, we see firsthand how it has impacted the housing market here in Phoenix, Arizona. 

According to AZ Big Media, before the pandemic, families and individuals were leaning toward a transition into more urban, coastal communities to call home. However, this is not the case in 2022. 

Families and individuals aren’t just moving cities, but instead, to entirely new states to plant their roots. Cities and states belonging to the Sunbelt region of the United States exert the hottest housing markets this year, due to the lower-cost, more business-friendly communities that fall within this region. 

Phoenix, Arizona is proving to be one of the best cities for relocation. Phoenix currently leads the nation as one of the hottest cities with the second hottest housing market. The market in Phoenix has exploded due to fluctuating mortgage rates, high demand in a low inventory housing market, and the influx of families relocating to this metropolitan oasis.  

This mass migration of individuals transitioning from urban to suburban is due to the many benefits that Phoenix has to offer. Even businesses are following suit – many top corporations and tech companies are flocking to cities along the Sunbelt region and bringing countless work opportunities for its residents. 

For families with children, Phoenix offers many great resources and opportunities. According to this article by, “GreatSchools rated 20 of the public, private, magnet, and charter schools in the area a 7 or higher on a scale from 1-10.” Because of the warm weather (even during Winter) children have loads of opportunities to get outside and be active. Regardless of what sport or activity they are interested in, Phoenix offers a variety of different programs and youth leagues for all skill-levels and age groups. 

From profitable work opportunities to warm communities to raise your family, there is truly something for everyone here in Phoenix, Arizona. 

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready for a fresh start?


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