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January 2023

Top 5 Dog Parks in Greater Phoenix for your Furry Friends

Learn more about the best dog parks in Greater Phoenix, AZ and plan your next adventure with your furry friends in this blog entry.

Phoenix, Arizona is a dog-lover’s paradise – for both us humans and our furry friends. So, if you are looking for a great place to spend a sunny day with your pup, then you are in luck. 

Check out Visit Phoenix top 5 dog parks in Greater Phoenix, AZ: 

  1. Cosmo Dog Park

If you have a water-loving dog like a Golden Retriever or German Shepard – then the Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, Arizona is the place for you and your furry friends. Not only does this dog park rest on a vast 17 acres (aka: plenty of space for your pup to run and release their energy), it boasts a beautiful lake perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. 

  1. Margaret T. Hance Dog Park

On the flip side – if you have a dog who hates swimming or being near water, then Margaret T. Hance Dog Park is the best option for you and your pup. This park is one of the best spaces to visit, as it is home to major music and food festivals and just a short distance away from the lively Downtown Phoenix. 

  1. Steele Indian School Dog Park

Do you live in or near Downtown Phoenix and looking for a spacious place to take your furry friend out on some fun adventures? Then you should definitely take a visit to the Steele Indian School Dog Park. Your pup will undoubtedly enjoy the 2.5 acres of land for them to run and play – just don’t forget to bring their toys! 

  1. Papago Park: 

If you have an especially adventurous, outdoor loving dog AND family – you must plan a day trip to visit the beautiful Papago Park. As one of many natural landmarks throughout Arizona, this is a great place to enjoy the day and check off your bucket list. Fun fact: did you know that this park has been named as a Phoenix Point of Pride? 

  1. Chaparral Off the Leash Area

Last but certainly not least, the Chaparral off the Leash Area in Scottsdale is an amazing place to experience with your pup and ensure they are properly socialized with other dogs. Here, you can allow your dog to enjoy the open space off the leash, meet and greet other dogs, and enjoy the designated play structures. 


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