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July 2022

Top 10 Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

For those who are looking for a new family favorite or those who are just stopping in Phoenix for the weekend, here are some of the most famous restaurants in the area that deserve a spot in your schedule.

People who are moving to a new area often do some digging into the attractions in the area to make sure they’ll be kept entertained while living there. Good restaurants, in particular, can make living in a certain area fun and fulfilling. Thankfully, a major metro area like Phoenix, Arizona has plenty of restaurants. People who move to Phoenix have plenty of choices for whatever cuisine they’re craving. For those who are looking for a new family favorite or those who are just stopping in Phoenix for the weekend, here are some of the most famous restaurants in the area that deserve a spot in your schedule:

1. Chelsea’s Kitchen

Cuisine: American Southwest

The first stop is a local favorite located in what was once a dance hall. Now, the establishment stands as a roadhouse restaurant next to the serene Arizona Canal. With a menu full of Southwest favorites, Chelsea’s Kitchen stands true to its Arizona heritage. 

They have a wide selection of dishes that use regional ingredients. From the nearby farms, ocean, and pastures, they source everything they need to prepare and serve all sorts of salads, steaks, barbecues, taco platters, and burgers. They also have a full bar offering wine and craft beer. Sipping these refreshing drinks next to the water is simply a delight.

2. Bobby-Q

Cuisine: Grilled and Fried American Fare

The Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse is another homegrown business in Arizona, with their most popular location in Phoenix. The restaurant was once called Bobby McGee, and they’ve been serving delicious grilled meats since 2005. A visit will definitely make new residents feel like they're right at home.

Their fried chicken is a must. It’s been recognized as the best fried chicken in Arizona by three different publications, which is quite a testament to the restaurant’s quality ingredients and skilled chefs. They also have the juiciest steaks, grilled using only almond and mesquite wood. The wood’s gorgeous aromas elevate the meat to a new level of flavor.

3. Durant's

Cuisine: Classic American

For more than seven decades, Durant’s has remained one of the most beloved restaurants in Phoenix. They’ve stayed on top thanks to their exceptional service, mouthwatering dishes, and upscale setting that makes them stand out from the rest. For those who are looking for a great spot for date night, this restaurant is a must-visit.

Their menu consists of mouthwatering seafood dishes and premium steaks. They also have a selection of desserts, all made in-house by their skilled chefs. For those who love their food paired with premium wines, Durant’s has a wide selection of premium bottles served by the glass.

4. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Cuisine: Cajun Seafood

While Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a part of the larger Pappas family of restaurants, it has made its imprint among the residents of Arizona. This restaurant is a go-to place for scrumptious and fresh Cajun seafood dishes. If you’re craving the heat and spice of the bayous, save a seat at Pappadeaux.

Their Louisiana gumbo hits all the right spots, with homey goodness that will make diners feel warm and full. They also have two kinds of étouffées, a dozen fish entrees, and shellfish appetizers. Since all of the ingredients are sourced fresh, diners will enjoy robust flavors and aromas characteristic of good old Cajun cuisine.

5. Barrio Cafe

Cuisine: Mexican

Established in 2002 by award-winning Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, Barrio Cafe is a bustling eatery for casual diners and lovers of Mexican cuisine. Their dishes are based on regional cuisines from the neighboring country, with a few twists that make them stand out among the other Mexican restaurants in town.

For those who aren’t sure what to pick during their first visit, try their iconic Cochinita Pibil and Chiles en Nogada. The Chef's tableside Guacamole is also a safe bet, serving as a flavorful complement to the other menu items.

6. Steak 44

Cuisine: Classic American

Set in the heart of Phoenix, Steak 44 is an upscale restaurant and steakhouse. They’re well-known for their attentive service, which leaves customers feeling satisfied and cared for. 

With ingredients like USDA Prime Grade Beef and domestic Wagyu, their dishes are made to be a unique experience.

7. Southern Rail

Cuisine: Southern

The homey and comforting goodness of Southern cuisine comes to life at the famed Southern Rail restaurant. With the deft hand and culinary skills of Chef Beckett, he and his team are able to prepare dishes steeped in tradition with an updated twist. Dinners will definitely feel right at home.

Their menu consists of classic burgers, Southern-style fried chicken, and Cajun dishes. They also have some fusion items that incorporate the best of the cuisines from the region, resulting in diverse textures with familiar flavors. Some of them have even won awards — testaments to Chef Beckett’s skills and passion.

8. Beckett's Table

Cuisine: Seasonal American & Southern Comfort 

Welcome to Chef Beckett’s Table, where renowned Chef and rising star in Phoenix’s culinary scene, Justin Beckett, whips up a sophisticated menu full of seasonal American and southern comfort style dishes that provoke reminiscent feelings of beloved nights of home cooked meals and hand-picked wines.  

Boasting a long list of excellent awards for their craftsmanship, including the Foodist Top Chef, Top 50 Restaurants in AZ, and the Ripe Award, Beckett’s Table is especially well-known for their fresh, locally-sourced ingredients arriving from farms no further than 30 miles away from their kitchen doors. 

9. The Arrogant Butcher

Cuisine: New American

The Arrogant Butcher can be considered an iconic landmark in Phoenix, with a very recognizable facade smack dab in the middle of downtown. It’s one of the most visited restaurants in the area owing to its tasty dishes, buzzing atmosphere, and exceptional service. 

The selection consists of premium steaks, fusion seafood, an assortment of sandwiches, and many other New American dishes. Aside from its menu, The Arrogant Butcher is known for its bourbons and cocktails. Make sure to try their drinks and see what the hype is all about.

10. LON’s at The Hermosa

Cuisine: Globally Inspired Arizona Fare

Known as one of the top rated restaurants in Paradise Valley, LON’s at The Hermosa is one of two incredible dining experiences located at The Hermosa Inn — the other being Lon’s Last Drop. LON’s unique and inviting gathering spots delights guests with memorable and imaginative settings, which include tables by outdoor adobe fireplaces and a rustic Wine Cellar capable of accommodating twelve guests for private, candle-lit dinners. While creatively blending cutting-edge trends, local ingredients, and age-old cooking traditions, such as roasting, smoking, and wood-grilled, the inspired chefs at LON’s have been able to serve up a unique experience of flavors that is known as globally-inspired Arizona Fare. Additionally, LON’s offers a new Chef’s Tasting Menu every week and has an expert sommelier for their eccentric selection of wine pairings. 

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the most well-known restaurants in Phoenix, AZ. New residents will find more new favorites as they explore the bustling metropolitan area, but the ones above can serve as a solid foundation for what to expect when moving into the city. Grab your fork and discover a new taste of home.


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